Thursday, October 18, 2012

Im'ma come back

Wow, this year has gone by so quickly. When I wrote this post in January about traveling to New Orleans for my friend's 30th birthday, I wondered what the year would bring. I also wondered what it would feel like to make that transition from twenty-something into thirty-something. I can't say that it feels a whole lot different. In fact, someone asked me my age this past weekend and I told them I was 31 without skipping a beat. I won't be 31 until March, but Jeremy had just turned 31 three days prior, so I must have just decided to go ahead and be 31, too.

One funny little antidote from my trip to N'awlins that I didn't share in my previous post was when we went out to dinner on my friend's birthday. We called and called restaurants trying to find one that was still serving their Christmas/New Year's Reveillon dinner. I had read that some restaurants continue theirs until January 6, but we did not find a single one. So, instead the birthday girl decided she wanted breakfast for dinner. We asked the girl at the front desk for a recommendation of a local place that served breakfast all day long. She sent us off to a diner down the street from the hotel. When we got there we thought we had struck gold. It looked like a little hole-in-the-wall place where only locals would eat. We were partly right. It was not a chain and there seemed to be a table of "regulars" sitting a few feet away from us. However, the food was not "local flavor" by any stretch of the imagination. The coffee was horrible (and not just compared to Cafe Du Monde), and the food left much to be desired, but our waitress was the worst! We were looking at our menus and not taking any longer than what is normal to decide on what to eat, but she kept coming back and just standing there, waiting for us to order on the spot. Finally, she realized that we were not going to just throw out an order to appease her and she announced, "Im'ma come back," and just disappeared. The rest of the trip we laughed about it and it kind of became a new catchphrase for me and my traveling companions!

I hope you enjoy this flashback to my "Love Song For the Crescent City". It's BLOGtober Fest over at Arkansas Women Bloggers, and today was promote a post from the past day.

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  1. Love NOLA so much. I got engaged in Jackson square!