Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guilty pleasure

"You should have been a ballerina." It's prom night and I'm walking down the stairs at my friend's house where we had all gathered to get ready. I never had a great desire to be a ballerina, but ever since that comment was uttered by my friend's mother I felt like I had somehow missed a calling. At the time, I felt incredibly conspicuous and embarrassed. She meant to compliment a gracefulness I didn't feel I possessed, but I thought immediately of my boyish frame (read: flat chest and no hips to speak of). Never do I feel the pangs of this unspoken desire more than when I'm watching my newest guilty pleasure, Bunheads.

When I read in WWD of all places that Amy Sherman-Palladino had a new show coming to ABC Family I knew I had to watch. The same speed-talking, reference-dropping dialogue that made my head spin in Gilmore Girls is there, albeit a little more choppy. Each week I feel like I am getting to take a stroll down the streets of Stars Hollow. There's the same small town setting with plenty of quirky characters and, of course, the fact that the cast is populated by many of the same actors doesn't hurt either. Emily Gilmore herself is a main character and you catch glimpses of other familiar faces here and there.

The similarities between the show pretty much end there. Instead of being focused on an impossibly tight-knit mother-daughter relationship as in Gilmore Girls, Bunheads follows the transition of a Vegas showgirl into a small-town ballet instructor. Yes, each episode is filled with the drama that caters to a more high school audience, but that hasn't kept me from parking my butt in front of my tv each Monday night to watch it. What is your guilty pleasure?


  1. Oh, I love Bunheads! We DVR it every week and watch it together. Lorelai (where'd she get that name?) likes watching the dancing. I see ballet lessons in her future.

    It's still weird that Zach is a one-eyed plumber in Bunheads, but anyway...

    So, Bunheads is a guilty pleasure, as is Downton Abbey, Once Upon a Time, and Grey's Anatomy.

  2. So, I may be spending my whole afternoon/evening watching this now....Thanks a lot! :) It's all on Amazon Prime there goes my day. It's a fun show!

    I'm pretty sure my guilty pleasure is singing & dancing movies & shows...I can't help it, it just makes my day.

  3. Sounds like a show I should check out! Sounds good!